Thursday, September 13, 2012

Samsung Galaxy Ace - S5830: Elegant Performer by AdWait

I have recently came across a pretty good ROM for the Galaxy Ace. Its Elegant Performer by AdWait. AdWait has released a few ROMs for the Galaxy Ace which had garnered a few hundred to over a thousand downloads.

In Elegant Performer, the thing I like the most is that it uses a pretty nice looking theme which is not too bad. The launcher while pretty good, is unable to beat the speeds shown by Xperia Launcher. AdWait has stripped this ROM pretty bare but it still has the essentials like camera, gallery, sms and a file manager.

This brings me to something which I like about this ROM. It comes with ES File Manager as the default file manager and I absolutely love it as I consider it one of the best file manager apps available. I understand that each person's wants and needs may differ but this is my blog and I'm entitled to voice my opinion.

Another thing which made me stay on this ROM longer than I had expected was the fact that this ROM has pretty good battery life and is surprisingly a decent performer. This does not mean that lags are a non-issue of course. As with most other Galaxy Ace ROMs, lags are present as soon as you try to launch any heavy app or use an app for an extended period of time. I have taken to the belief that this is more caused by the lack of RAM rather than its 800MHz processor. What do you think?

In any case, this ROM is pretty good and I will be sticking with it through my Australian vacation. The signal strength on this ROM is ok. But there were a few occasions where it somehow could not connect to the Google servers although it had a network connection. This happened both on WiFi as well as on 3G. I'm not sure at this point whether it is due to the ROM or maybe some compatibility issue with the modem. However, one thing that I do know is that the airplane mode trick I learned while using my S2 did the trick here as well.

Overall, a pretty decent ROM which I can recommend to those who didn't quite the other 2 good ROMs, AA and DroidAce v2. You can find the link to the XDA thread for Elegant Performer here.


  1. wooh! 1st It's Adwait not AdWait lolz! it's my name ;) actually never thought someone will actually express review in such a great manner! I am really obliged and happy that you loved my work!! :) I was just searching on google about Elegant Performer and found this post! I would like you to invite on my latest ROM thread on XDA. It's "Adwhite By Adwait". I will not post link here as blogger will treat this as spam, but you can check it on SGA forum!! Once again thanks for this wonderful review!!


  2. Hi Adwait,
    Thanks for reading my blog. Unfortunately, I do not currently have a Galaxy Ace with me and as wonderful as your invite sounds, I'm afraid that I can't test and review Adwhite yet.
    But I'll remember to give it a test and review when and if I get my hands on a Galaxy Ace again.